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The history of "JFTD"

The history of "JFTD"

April 13, 1953
“Japan Floral Retail Traders Delivery Association” was established as private entity by 22 member florists.
August 22, 1968
Established “Japan Florists’ Telegraph Delivery Association” commonly named as “JFTD” based on the articles of the Association, with 374 member shops.
December 24, 1968
The association was authorized the juridical entity as general incorporated association by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
Since November 1984
The floral wire services system of JFTD was characterized as “HANA-Cupid” to carry on total publicity, under the name of HANA-Cupid which has been spread into public.
JFTD inaugurated the Japan Flower College to foster florists who lead floral industry in the future to come.
Started to issue “Flower & Green Gift Coupon” for the purpose to promote floral & horticultural market.
July 25, 2001
The foundation of "HANA-Cupid Cooperative."
Floral wire services business of JFTD were transferred to the Cooperative.
i879 Co., Ltd. was established jointly invested by Sumitomo Corporation and HANA-Cupid Cooperative.
Renewal of logos & trademark to fulfill customers’ services.
April, 2011
The Association was authorized the juridical entity as general incorporated association by the Cabinet Office.
June, 2015
The official name of the Association altered from “Japan Florists’ Telegraph Delivery Association” to “General Incorporated Association JFTD.” (English description: Japan Florists’ Telecommunication Delivery Association)
April, 2016
Entire floral wire services business undertaken by HANA-Cupid Cooperative was transferred to the General Incorporated Association JFTD.

Unknown episode on its birth

At the time of 1953, no custom to send flowers by wire was existed. The founder happened to get a bulletin issued by FTD (floral wire service entity) at the US forces in Japan, and applied as a member of FTD. He has established JFTD,the predecessor of the present HANA-Cupid Cooperative with 22 fellow shops.

Currently, "HANA Cupid"has grown as the network shared by 4,500 member shops the Cooperative appreciates the considerable support given by concerned quarters and will do the best efforts to realize the substantial services.